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Starting out on Youtube, need some support and views...

Hey guys, I've been posting videos on youtube for some while now and I've got about 8 to 9 videos posted. I really would like…
AmazingDisaster Jul 01, 2012
AmazingDisaster Mar 25, 2012

Your view on life ?

Life waht does it mean to you, is it be expresive and beimg yourself or trying to impress everyone you know. To me life is…
AmazingDisaster Mar 21, 2012

Music what does it mean to you ? My Chemical Romance's, Im not okay (I promise)

Im gonna try to make this something regular, maybe make it every wednesday. Basicly Im gonna choose a diferent song evey wednesday, and you guys…
AmazingDisaster Feb 22, 2012

What food are you?

People say you are what you eat, so between these foods which on would you be.
AmazingDisaster Feb 21, 2012
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Im obsessed with Starbucks, love punk rock and The Beatles. Joined Buzznet to be able to blog about the thing I like and see what other people think about them. BATMAN !!!!!!! oh, I LOVE Batman Too. :D

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